Why Castle View?

Why should you choose Castle View?

  • Size Matters!!!
  • Pegs & Holes
  • The Lion
  • Right Back At You!
  • Not Just Having It, But Knowing How to Use It
  • Happy Family
  • Size Matters!!!

    We're small by design-a team of less than 20--and have chosen to stay small throughout the past decade. As a result, you get all the individual attention you deserve-many of our clients say we treat them like "family" without sacrificing anything the big national firms offer. You will not get lost in the volume, and will not be treated as another row in a spreadsheet to achieve some top X% agent status. Instead, your agent will take all the time needed to understand your needs and requirements and partners with you to make the process of buying or selling your home as smooth, stress-free, and financially rewarding as possible. Because of our small size, Farah, the company's broker with over 16 years of experience, is able to oversee each and every transaction, to ensure that we live up to our reputation. Finally, because we don't have the overhead expenses of the national firms, we can spend more on marketing your house, instead of our company.

    Pegs & Holes

    Unlike many other firms where the agents handle every step of buying or selling a home themselves, we use a different approach: We use a team of subject matter experts, some employees and some contractors, all ready to take care of each part of the process, all coordinated seamlessly by your real estate agent, who is your point of contact. For example, when marketing your home for sale, pictures of your home are taken by an experienced photographer; brochures and marketing collateral are created by our marketing director; financing and qualification is done by our loan consultant; repairs and fix-ups are done by our construction contractor; staging is done by our interior design expert; ... you get the idea. Your agent is thus relieved to focus on what (s)he does best: finding the right home for you, or the right qualified buyer for your home. Your agent is your full-time link to the team, and provides you with updates at every step of the process. (S)he manages the team of subject matter experts, and has immediate access to the vast experience of the company's broker. The result is an unbelievable focus of the whole team to make one transaction perfect: yours.

    The Lion

    Whether a real estate agent represents you in selling your home, or buying one, there comes a time for negotiation. This is where many agents fail-they either lose the deal, or win it at an unattractive price. Negotiation is part knowledge, and part art:

    We have the knowledge: we know the market, and keep up with the everyday dynamics of each area we serve. We conduct a comprehensive study of the local markets, which not only covers recent historical prices, but also often includes calling the agents who just sold comparable properties to get the sold prices not yet recorded. This gives us the knowledge to come to the negotiation table.

    And we have the art: Years ago, one of our clients called our Broker, Farah, "The Lion" because of her aggressive negotiation skills and her unique ways of taking control of the transaction. The name has stuck with her, but the art has been passed on to each and every one of our agents, who have been personally trained by Farah on the strategies and tactics to win the best deal for the client.

    Right Back At You!

    Of course every real estate agent carries a cell phone these days. What differentiates us from others is not only being inseparable from our cell phones, but our company's policy of returning a missed call within two business hours. The caller could be our own client with a question, or a potential buyer. If we ever miss your call, be assured that we won't rest until we have contacted you.

    Not Just Having It, But Knowing How to Use It

    Obviously we use the latest technologies to market your house, find potential buyers, get leads and follow up, search for properties matching your criteria, etc. We would not be competitive if we did not. However, technology by itself is not enough. An agent needs to be expert in using the technology available to him/her to take full advantage of what it offers. Each and every one of our agents undergoes an extensive training of every piece of technology we use, to make sure they have mastered its features and use. Additionally, our systems connect us to the network of all realtors nationwide, small and large, to market your house, or find your next home.

    Happy Family

    A significant portion of our business comes from referrals. This is because of our passion to make every client 150% satisfied! Our first-time clients are often amazed by their experience with us, and become local advocates for our company. We treat them like "family".


    Farah & Mo Bani-Taba

    Owners, Broker, GRI, SRES, MBA